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Patricia (Bilbao, 26-12-77) starts her studies of drama and music (violin) in the CEMAE, in Bilbao. After obtaining her degree in Classic Philology by the University of the Basque Country in 2000, she gets a grant from the Basque Government to continue her drama studies with Philippe Gaulier in London. From London, she moves to Madrid to attend Maria del Mar Navarro School. She has attended several Workshops with different teachers on drama such as Marcello Magni (Complicité), Mik Bahrnfather (Complicité), Tappa Sudana y Will Keen (Royal Shakespeare Company). She masters English, Modern Greek, Basque and Spanish and speaks fluent French.

In 2003, she moves to Bogota, Colombia, where she settles for five years and founds a theatre company mainly dedicated to improvisation theatre and clown, with which she takes part in various festivals in Europe and America (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Colombia). In Bogotá, she also directs a theatre company.

Amongst her latests works we can mention Godot, directed by Pablo Ibarluzea, and Orquesta de Señoritas directed by Ramón Barea. She has been part of Francoren bilobari gutuna (Letter To Franco´s Niece), Donostia Saria 2017, directed by Ximun Fusch. She is also part of Lapur Minak (Amigos con derecho a robo) directed by Pablo Ibarluzea, and She is currently on tour with Ander Lipus with Hozkailua, directed by Manex Fusch.